Free Crochet Bikini Patterns For Weekend Vacation New 2021

Summer is finally here!

My favorite thing about making bikinis is how versatile it can be! You can easily add your own touches to this plain bikini. Lace, colorful thread, beads, etc. Detail. Feel free to add more rows to the front for a less noticeable bottom, or feel free to design a classic top look at all.

We will be working on this simple bikini top today! I recommend using a cotton yarn every time you work on any project that might get wet, which makes cotton a very durable and breathable fiber.

This Top crochet bikini is perfect for all your summer events! This is a very simple top crochet bikini made with just a few basic stitches, but when it’s done it’s absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely Friendly For Beginners! Summer is full of great water activities and this top is perfect for anything!

Knitted bikini – summer tradition! Most of them are not really for use in water, but they all look great!

Crochet White Bikini


Let’s get start!

I used cotton DK weight yarn or Lion brand coboo cotton blend
3.50mm crochet hook
Sewing yarn needle
Gauge: 4 single crochet stitches x 4 rows = 1 square inch

This easy and beginner friendly weekend getaway crochet bikini top is works up pretty quick and simple to do just need to know some basic crochet stitch, like single crochet nad double crochet stitch.

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How To Crochet A Bikini Top


Materials You Will Need

Crochet Hook: I used a Clover brand 3.75mm Hook (also referred to as size F or 5). You could use a 4.5mm hook for a looser stitch, or a 3.25mm for a tighter stitch as well.
Tapestry Needle: This is a yarn needle to weave in your ends.
Scissors: to cut your yarn.

This crochet bikini top is perfect for all your summer activities! This is a very simple crochet bikini top made with just a few basic stitches, but when it’s done it’s absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely BEGINNER FRIENDLY! Summer is full of great water activities and this top is perfect for them all! Pair it with your favorite sweatpants or wear it as a top with high-waisted shorts and a cute komono! Let’s fall in love with him!

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Bea Crop Top


Materials Needed:

Stainless Hook: 1 / 2.75 MM and 00 / 3.50MM
Thread: Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Classic #10; Light Peach;
For size S/M = 600-700 yds; 2 balls, two strands held together

This Bea Crop Top is an easy and free crochet pattern with photo tutorial. A perfect top for a casual outfit during those hot summer days

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Basic Bikini Cup


Size and shape are determined by manipulating the following factors:

1. Stitch height: Here I’m working with single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc) and double crochet (dc)
2. Foundation Length: The number of stitches that make up the central row to be stitched around. I stick within the range of 10-15 normally but it can be any amount.
3. Increase Style: Increases are placed at the central peak of the cup – here I’m either adding +4 stitches per row (2 stitch, 1 chain, 2 stitches increases – where the chain does not count) or +2 stitches per row (1 stitch, 1 chain, 1 stitch increases).
4. Number of Rows: How many rows of stitching are made.

But it was the popularity of the Basic Bralette Training that finally prompted me to create an overall Bikini Cup training. As with the bralet design, the Basic Bikini Cup Tutorial is designed as a jumping model where you can try out your own unique variations.

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Bikini Bow Top A Free Crochet Pattern



Omega Sinfonia Cotton #8 sport weight yarn, 100-120 yards
Hook – Size F
Tapestry Needle for weaving in the ends
Gauge: 5 sc and 5 Rows = 1 inch. Each Triangle approximately 5” wide x 6” tall

This is one of my favorite designs to date. It’s fun to do, doesn’t take too long, and it’s a fun top to wear. This versatile top can be worn in multiple ways with more or less coverage as desired and can be easily changed for a custom fit. I really enjoyed making this pattern and I hope you like it too.

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Baby Rainbow Crop Top



H Hook (5 mm)
Small amount of yarn in your base color for the ribbing and
straps, and a small amount of each desired color for your
rainbow. You will be using approximately 30 yards
Gauge: Use first 10 rows of ribbing to determine gauge. Swatch
will be 1.5” wide by 3” tall.

This whimsical summer blouse is perfect for the smallest free spirit in your life. A quick and colorful crochet project, cool and cute in the heat of this top summer!

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Beaded Bikini Top



Tahki Cotton Classic yarn or any light weight cotton Approximately 2 oz. or 175 yds.
Size D crochet hook
Beads of your choice
12 beads for peach style A or B cup, 13 beads for C cup
13 beads for brown style A or B cup, 14 beads for C cup
Yarn needle

As the title says… Old Pattern, new price. I decided to make some changes to the blog. So I’m starting here. The Beaded Bikini model will now be available for free

This bikini top is crocheted using cotton yarn that provides a perfect fit and protection. The robust design allows for abrasion in and out of water. The pattern contains instructions for the two styles shown in the picture.

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Santorini Striped Bikini



You need DK/Light worsted cotton yarn in two different colours, approx. 200 to 220 yards (180 to 200 metres) for the blue part and approx. 150 to 170 yards (137 to 155 m) for the white part.
I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton and needed 3 x 50g skeins in Greek Blue (2 skeins for size S) and 2 x 50g skeins in Ivory (for all sizes).
The cotton yarn should be soft enough to be worn directly on the skin. Alternatively you can use a cotton acrylic blend.

This is a fun crochet pattern for a striped bikini. Make this beautiful crochet bikini while looking forward to your next getaway to somewhere sunny! While making this bikini I was dreaming of Greece, which is why I call it the ‘Santorini Bikini’.

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Jane of the Jungle



Cascade Fixation [98.3% Cotton, 1.7% Elastane;186 yds [stretched]/100 yds. [relaxed] per 50 g skein]; color: 7360 [taupe] 1[1] skein
Cascade Fixation; color:9966 [taupe/black/gold mix] 1[1] skein
Note: the larger size took exactly one ball of each color. You might want to add another ball of each to your shopping list to be on the safe side – and make a pair of socks from the leftovers!
1 set US #6/4 mm double-point needles [you will only be using 2 needles for the I-cord so you can cheat a bit and use anywhere from U.S.#3/3.25mm to U.S.#7/4.5 mm needles]
1 set US #3/ 3.25 mm straight needles
1 set US #7/ 4 mm straight needles
4 safety pins
darning needle
1 spare knitting needle [to hold ruffles before they are applied]
elastic thread [optional, but recommended if you plan to use the suit in water]
20 sts/36 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch, using 4mm needles

Who is going to be the hottest baby on the beach this summer? Whoever gets a handknit leopard print bikini! Picture it — a sweet little halter top, big ruffle, complete with leopard spots duplicate stitched on after the piece has been knit, comfy ruffled pants, all knit out of a soft cotton elastic blend.

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Beach Cover-Up



Patons® VenusTM (1.75 oz/50 g; 119 yds/109 m)
Sizes XS/M L/XL 2/5XL
Chili Pepper (10704) 10 11 12 balls
Sizes U.S. 7 (4.5 mm) and U.S. 8 (5 mm) circular knitting needles 36″ [90 cm] long or
size needed to obtain gauge. 2 stitch markers. Pair of size U.S. 10 (6 mm) doublepointed needles for I-cord.

Going on holiday?  This one-piece swimsuit will be a beautiful addition to your vacation wardrobe. You’ll be the most attractive lady on the beach! Just change your traditional bikini to this on-trend swimsuit for practically no money.

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SunnySideUp Bikini Top


Materials recommended:

Fingering yarn (size 2, super fine)
a 3mm hook
and tapestry needle.

The Sunny Side Up Top is super fun to make and the result is very sexy and cute at the same time. The design provides a lot of coverage with a lot of cheeky lace to add to your flare.
The Top comes in five different sizes (XS-XL) with adjustable straps.

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 Crochet Swimwear Free Pattern



Elastic Yarn: Nako Comfort Stretch /90% Microfiber, 10% Polyester/211 yards / 50 grams – 2 skeins
Crochet Hook: 2,00 mm
Stitches Used: ch-chain, sl st-slip stitch, sc-single crochet, dc-double crochet, hdc-half double crochet
Size: 32 B,C,D and 34 B,C,D
The Triangle (2 pieces)

Get ready for summer by making your own crochet swimsuit! If you want your crochet swimsuits to be functional, be sure to use cotton so it holds its shape in water. These crochet swimsuit patterns include bikinis, monokinis and one-piece swimsuits in all sizes, from children’s to women’s plus size.

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Easy Like Sunday Bikini Bottom



Superfine/Fingering weight yarn, Size C (3.0mm) crochet hook, Scissors and Yarn Needle

The process of making this garment is simple. You will basically take your measurements and determine the width and length of your crotch. Watch this video to see how I measure my crotch length. To get my crotch length, I used a tape measure and placed it underneath my crotch to my hip level (from the back) and stood at the same hip level from the front. If you are not sure what I mean, try to imagine how a mother puts her diaper on the baby. It looks something like this.

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The Cotton Beach Sarong



100 grams / 142 yards / 155 m of medium weight 4 cotton yarn (such as Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton* discount link available on ‘About Me’ page)

I love a summer crochet project and always looking for a chance to make something new! However, sometimes it happens that you only have one ball of yarn left over, and you’re left wondering what to do with it?! This is how I came up with the Cotton Beach Sarong. Happy Crocheting!

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Just Beachy Bikini Top



Cascade Fixation: 1 skein each Magenta #6285 (color A); Chartreuse #5806 (color B); Turquoise #2706 (color C). (Note: If making both pieces in larger sizes, two skeins of A may be required.)
needles: U.S. size 5 (3.75 mm) (one set each of straight and double-pointed)
tapestry needle

Today’s knit bikini is nothing like the ones your mom wore back in the ’60s! For one thing, thanks to the elastic yarns available now, you no longer have to worry about compromising your modesty if you decide to actually go into the water. Today’s guest is knitting expert Tina Whitmore, who introduces her colorful knit bikini with its coordinating beaded sarong (figure A) and shares tips for creating your own flirty knit beachwear.

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Hawaii Beach Cover-Up



Bernat (affiliate link) Handicrafter Crochet Thread (100% Acrylic), 371 yards (339 meters) / 85 gr, color Royal – 6 balls (MC)
Bernat (affiliate link) Handicrafter Crochet Thread (100% Acrylic), 371 yards (339 meters) / 85 gr, color Buttercup – 2 balls (CC1)
Bernat (affiliate link) Handicrafter Crochet Thread (100% Acrylic), 371 yards (339 meters) / 85 gr, color Fresh Fern – 2 balls (CC2)
Note: the cover-up is crocheted using 2 strands of yarn. You can use any other DK or sport weight yarn instead.
Hook: J (6.00 mm)
Gauge for dc:
14 dc = 4” (10 cm)

This pattern is easy to crochet and is perfect for the summer beach season. I used two Bernat strings (affiliate links) Handicrafter Crochet Thread. This has the advantage of making the pattern faster to crochet and also compliment any shape, making the drape better draped.

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Teeny Weeny Teen Bikini Top


You will need:

Sport weight/Sock yarn
G-4.25mm hook
E-4.0mm hook(optional)
stitch makers/scrap yarn (2)
tapestry/yarn needle
Stitches you will need to know

I designed it to fit anyone wearing a Teen / Junior size M to L shirt. The cup size fits A-C with a measurement of about 32-38. There are some versions that can be made to make it more suitable for some. These versions are specified on the model. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or need help clarifying the instructions on the pattern.

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Carnival Crochet Top



Crochet thread- size 3 OR fingering weight yarn
-(Aunt Lydia crochet cotton/ DMC Crochet cotton) OR KnitPicks Comfy fingering yarn
Crochet hook- 5mm
Stitch markers or paper clips

Carnival on the Islands produces a metamorphosis for the paths to turn into stages for the display of creativity, color, beauty and expression. It’s a kind of paradise for people all over the world. Our carnival unites the country in a rather surreal way because there seems to be no negativity as both our people and foreigners enjoy the festivities.

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