Free Amigurumi Bear Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

free Bear Baby Rattle pattern, baby rattle

Hello guys, there is a great crochet rattle pattern for your baby to have a better time. You will have a lot of fun while making this toy, where you can have fun when bored.

Bear Baby Rattle

A rattle model that you can work with the colors you want, whether it is brown, red or green, whatever color you like. Great toy choice for babies.

Designer: deynega_yuly


Yarn- YarnArt jeans

Crochet Hook size 2mm

Wooden ring diameter 6cm


Safety eyes size 3mm

Toy filler


1. 6sc in AR
2. 6inc
3. (1sc,inc)*6
4. (2sc,inc)*6
5. (3sc,inc)*6
6. (4sc,inc)*6
7. (5sc,inc)*6
8-14. 42sc
15. (5sc,dec)*6
16. (4sc,dec)*6
17. (3sc,dec)*6

Insert safety eyes size 3mm between 11th and 12th rows
at 6-7 sts apart.
At this stage stuff the head and insert a rattle inside.
18. (2sc,dec)*6
19. (1sc,dec)*6
20. 6dec

Cut the thread, leave enough length for sewing head to the ring.
Pull the opening.


1. 6sc, in AR
2. 6inc
3. (1sc,inc)*6


1. 6sc in AR
2. 6inc
3. (1sc,inc)*6
4. (2sc,inc)*6
5. 24sc

Rim on the ring

Cast on a chain of 24ch. From the second ch from the hook 23sc.
Now start each row with 1ch, work in turning rows, crochet 8rows in total.
But keep in mind that the thickness of the ring may differ from mine, so you
may need to crochet more or fewer rows.
When the rims is done, wrap it around the ring and connect the edges with slip stitches.


Cast on a chain of 20ch. From the second ch from the hook crochet
increases of sc into each ch to the end of the row, 1ch, turn

2. Increases of sc, 1ch, turn
3. sc into each st, 1ch, turn
4. sc into each st

Sew edges of the collar around the rattle’s neck.

Your baby’s rattle toy is ready, have fun..



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