Free Crochet Bikini Patterns For Weekend Vacation New 2021

Beaded Bikini Top



Tahki Cotton Classic yarn or any light weight cotton Approximately 2 oz. or 175 yds.
Size D crochet hook
Beads of your choice
12 beads for peach style A or B cup, 13 beads for C cup
13 beads for brown style A or B cup, 14 beads for C cup
Yarn needle

As the title says… Old Pattern, new price. I decided to make some changes to the blog. So I’m starting here. The Beaded Bikini model will now be available for free

This bikini top is crocheted using cotton yarn that provides a perfect fit and protection. The robust design allows for abrasion in and out of water. The pattern contains instructions for the two styles shown in the picture.

Click Free Pattern

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