Free Crochet Bikini Patterns For Weekend Vacation New 2021

How To Crochet A Bikini Top


Materials You Will Need

Crochet Hook: I used a Clover brand 3.75mm Hook (also referred to as size F or 5). You could use a 4.5mm hook for a looser stitch, or a 3.25mm for a tighter stitch as well.
Tapestry Needle: This is a yarn needle to weave in your ends.
Scissors: to cut your yarn.

This crochet bikini top is perfect for all your summer activities! This is a very simple crochet bikini top made with just a few basic stitches, but when it’s done it’s absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely BEGINNER FRIENDLY! Summer is full of great water activities and this top is perfect for them all! Pair it with your favorite sweatpants or wear it as a top with high-waisted shorts and a cute komono! Let’s fall in love with him!

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