30+ Free Crochet Beanie Pattern! – Best Crochet Hat Model Ideas Ever 2019

After many requests for drawing hats, I decided to get to my “favorite”, which is a combination or templates that I have used over the years, and took my favorite pieces to make “the best crochet pattern of all ! ! With each template I tried, it seemed that each hat was short, too long, too big, too small… Blah, blah, blah…

For years I’ve been making hats and adding faces to them such as gifts, photo props and everything in between. Having spent money on many templates and a lot of trial and error, which eventually came to the ideal template. I think I’ve been doing this forever, but I imagined so many requests that I should try to write this on paper and share it with everyone.
So here goes…

I’ll start with a small/small size baby, as it seems the most popular. With this pattern I used the hook “Me” and the wormy thread. Hobby-Lobby “I love this branch” and Redheart “With Love”-my favorite brands at the moment. I tend to knit on the denser side, so I may have to use the hook “H “.
I literally made hundreds of hectares, and this pattern always fits the size and fits perfectly.

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