Eye Make-Up New 36 Idea, How To İncrease Eyes With Makeup?

Every girl wants to have a beautiful, expressive, open view. Owner narrow or small eyes can visually enlarge them with the help of makeup. Various techniques are used to achieve the desired effect. If all the rules and recommendations are observed, the eye contour will increase and the view becomes more spectacular.

Basic makeup techniques for eye augmentation
Enlarge your eyes and make them visually more possible if you know some secrets of makeup. Professionals are advised to adhere to certain rules.

To make a more open look will help adjusting the shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrows are recommended to do medium thickness. You can adjust the contour by plucking extra lower hairs. Another effective technique is to apply light shadows to the eyebrows. As a result, the eyes will appear larger.

The horizontal makeup technique is suitable only for girls with small deep-seated or round eyes. As a result, they will become wider and visually increase. For narrow eyes this technique is unacceptable. The principle of the makeup technique is to apply and shade the shadows horizontally.

The vertical makeup technique is perfect for visually correcting narrow or deep-seated eyes. As a result, the eye incision will become much wider and more round. In contrast to the previous technique of make-up, the shadows are painted and shaded vertically.

This makeup technique has a similar application principle as the vertical. Suitable for increasing deep-seated eyes. Shadows are superimposed and feathered with a slight tilt, diagonally.

This makeup technique is unique in that the eyes can be made of any shape. You can either reduce or increase them. Work is carried out not by shadows, but by pencil.



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