Crochet Cushion Patterns That Will Make Your Home Look Stylish New 2021




Red Heart® Hygge™ (8 oz/227 g; 212 yds/194 m)
Contrast A Cloud (8339) 2 balls or 424 yds/388 m
Contrast B Indigo (8381) 1 ball or 212 yds/194 m
Red Heart® Hygge Fur™ (7 oz/200 g; 260 yds/238 m)
Contrast C Cotton Tail (0108) 1 ball
Sizes U.S. 10½ (6.5 mm) and U.S. 13 (9 mm) knitting needles or size
needed to obtain gauge. 20″ [51 cm] square pillow form. 5″ [12.5
cm] piece of cardboard.

Add funky flair to your space with this on-trend pillow! Suitable for knitters of all skill levels, this is an easy project to add your personal touch to your home. Holding 2 strands of Red Heart Hygge together to create a marled cushion front that serves as the base for fun, furry pompoms made in Red Heart Hygge Fur. This is a playful piece that will become a favorite place to cuddle up to.

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