Crochet Cushion Patterns That Will Make Your Home Look Stylish New 2021



What you will need:

RED HEART® Boutique
Irresistible™: 5 balls 7641
Silver (5 balls for each pillow)
Susan Bates® Knitting
Needles: 25mm [US 50]
Two 20″ square [51 cm] pillow
forms, 1 yd [1 m]] matching
thread and sewing needle,
yarn needle
ALL in ONE Dark Brown Large
4 Hole Sewing Wood Buttons
with Wide Edge 2” (5 mm)
You will need 3 buttons per
GAUGE: 3 sts = 4″ [10 cm];
5 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in
Stockinette stitch. CHECK
YOUR GAUGE. Use any size
needles to obtain the gauge.

Pillows are especially good at helping your body to find the perfect comfort position. This pillow pattern is also easy enough to use for knitting to relax, as the pattern is extra easy!

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