Best Crochet Bikini Bottom and Upper Models 2021

Sea Mist Bikini Top



Crochet thread- size 3 OR fingering weight yarn (white,teal)
-(Aunt Lydia crochet cotton/ DMC Crochet cotton) OR KnitPicks Comfy fingering yarn
Crochet hook- 3mm
A small is usually 7 rounds, medium is 8-9 and a large is 10-11
This pattern is for a medium of 9 rounds, so based on the pattern, you can adjust the stitches to suit.

Inspired by the scent of the sea, I created this simple pattern. Inhaling sea mist brings about a sort of tranquility that you can only get from that salty air. There’s no feeling quite like it. The sea is healing. It’s the heartbeat of the earth and when it touches you, you know you are alive.

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