Best Crochet Bikini Bottom and Upper Models 2021

High-Cut Bikini Bottom



Size 10 cotton crochet thread
Size 9 steel crochet hook
Size 8 seed beads
optional – lining fabric and matching quilting thread (You need a thread that won’t break.)

I used to make this bottom for a lot of the bathing suits I sold. It was always a popular cut. Most crocheted bathing suit bottoms don’t fit right, but this design fits close. All you need to do, when you put it on, is pull the ties tight up near your hip bone, and Wow! You have yourself a great bathing suit bottom. If you use cotton crochet thread you can wear this in the water, run, jump, whatever. It lasts, and it doesn’t soak up with water. You can line this with any light weight stretchable fabric. I always use lycra or nylon. Use this pattern to go with your favorite crocheted bathing suit top, and you’ll look great on the beach.

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