Crochet Dress Knitted Baby Clothes- 2021

Mini Ornament Wall Hanging

by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)


Japanese size 3/0 crochet hook (2.3mm)
hat: 8g (24m) color 1 ivory
cardigan: 15g (45m) color 2 mustard
purse: 6g (18m) color 3 American cherry
purse: 2g (6m) color 10 biscuit
scarf: 7g (21m) color 8 aqua mint
dress: 12g (36m) color 11 Santa Fe
dress: small amount color 3 American cherry
1 meter length of string or cord
7 mini clothespins
40cm length of red ribbon (4mm wide)
2 white buttons (5mm diameter)
2 red buttons (5mm diameter)
1 brown button (7mm diameter)

Yarn weight: Sport (12 wpi)
Hook size: 2.25 mm
Sizes available: approximately 80cm long, 12cm tall

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