Crochet Dress Knitted Baby Clothes- 2021

Sundress supplement

by Julie Williams

This free supplement works with the regular 9 inch size Little Cotton Rabbit animal patterns or the newer 7 inch size small animals.

You will need to use it with one of the available dress patterns, including an animal pattern or one of the patterns in the dress collection (‘seasonal dresses’, ‘textured dresses’ or ‘little dresses’). . Work the skirt from one of these models to the waist, and then use the free bodice model to create a new sundress option.

Also included are brief instructions on how to use the corset to make a small camisole / athlete. Above are photographs of summer dresses and camisole in both sizes.

Hope you enjoy using the new free attachment and gives you many more options to create clothes for your animals Little Cotton Bunny, happy knitting, J xx

Click For Free Pattern

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