Best Crochet Bikini Bottom and Upper Models 2021

Hey guys. So warm air finally enters my world here in good old Kansas. And making beautiful crochet summer clothes makes me happy! I came up with the idea to create a swimsuit cover-up and have seen so many inspiring crochet covers here recently that I thought I’d make a list of free crochet patterns for some stunning charming tops.

I think I’ll be crocheting my own swimsuit this summer, but I have something to think about. Along with a good primer. It was always beautiful. So let’s see how it goes.

I put this template first because it’s good. I think it might be my favourite. I saw and did not think! Thank you to the person who made this free pattern template! It even comes with a sample for the backgrounds!

The little lace design in the background drew me to this. I think even the color they use is perfect!

Mini Bikini



Yarn: Any worsted weight cotton yarn. 2 colors.
Gauge: 16 st. to 4 inch
Hook: 6/0 in Japan size (I’m not so sure how that works out in US size though. It measures about 3mm)
Needle: US no. 5
It’s sized for a six month old baby. To make it bigger use bigger yarn and hook/needle and add a few st to the cast on for the bottom, dec to only maybe 15 st and inc until it covers your babe’s but. It’s knitted flat so you can try it on as you go along.)

We are going to the beach this month and I wanted to do something to wear for Mari while lounging by the pool. I had some cotton thread left, so I decided to make it a tiny bikini. This sassy little trick features and triangular granny square top and flexible knit bottoms. Ideal for lounging on the beach or nursing by the pool.

Click Free Pattern



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