Women’s Outfits Design- A Shirt Dress İs A Classic Attribute Of A Basic Female Wardrobe! New 2019

The universal dress-shirt, is the basic subject of a wardrobe and provides many possibilities for creation of various interesting images. Dresses-shirts come from different fabrics, styles, colors, lengths, combining with different accessories, you can create a day or evening outfite.

Dress-shirts can be combined with different items of clothing, with trousers, with a sweater, dress, vest, leather, trench coat, cardigan, denim jacket, sweater oersize. Here you can trust your stylistic imagination and create different layered images with dress-shirt.

Dress-shirt can be a different design, one of the most fashionable trends is a-shaped silhouette. To create my evening image, I chose this classic silhouette of a dress-shirt of white color. All-season dress-shirt of a dense texture and a jacket with leather floral appliques have created an evening outfit.

Realization of idea to create from a universal element of a basic wardrobe elegant outfuit depends on your ability to combine accessories and to choose corresponding footwear. Leather floral appliques jackets are well combined with black, lacquered half shoes and with a black bag, and gave a whole combination of elegance.

The evening image is suitable for festive family dinners, parties, dance meetings with friends and girlfriends, and for many other events.
Combining a dress-shirt with various accessories, footwear I have created several images of the style of the seeming and smart kazual.

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