Women’s Clothes Design-30 Free New Idea What Should I Wear With Striped Fabrics?

Trousers, decorated with stripes, are the trend this year. You can create a variety of stylish styles with modern trousers with contrasting stripes and monochrome, combination with different garments. Despite the simplicity of the comfortable trousers with monochrome or color side inserts, you must choose the right top and the right pair of shoes to create an elegant and original look. Also, you should consider the length and design of your pants for your face. For example, fitted trouser models are suitable for thin girls, women with seductive shapes should pay attention to the model of soft cloth trousers, as well as the long and wide trousers suitable for low-stature girls.

It is also important to take into account the colors of clothing and trousers with stripes. I would like to offer you some ideas on how to combine elegant trousers with side stripes:

1. Cotton pants and striped sweatshirt can be combined with a T-shirt, a sweater, a large sweater, a bomber jacket, a leather jacket, a jacket, etc. Dress with cotton and sports pants with colorful stripes, suitable for training, shopping and walking around the city.

2. You can create different looks by combining the universal leather trousers with stripes with the right garment. To create a night outfit, you can choose a classic shirt and an elegant bright-colored jacket and proper high-heeled shoes.

3. The most modern trousers are the different models of denim trousers with shiny inserts and contrasting streaks for several seasons. Striped denim trousers go well with a variety of clothes, shirts, blouses, T-shirts, tops, sweaters, sweaters, jackets, blazers and leather goods.

4. The timeless classic is invincible. When choosing classic trousers, decorated with stripes, you should consider their length. Classic pants can be combined with classic clothes. Depending on the length of the trousers, you must choose the right shoes. You can choose Boots, boots with high heels or medium.

5. Contrast-striped and monochrome shorts can be combined with different apparel, various shoes to create a night and day attire. Depending on the clothes and shoes chosen, your look will change.



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