Women Fashion Style- 23 New İdea Stylish Pants And Light Nice Blouse 2021

Recently, I began to notice that not only in our country, but in many other countries, as well as in girls and women, they prefer an informal style, probably due to comfort, which plays an important role in the choice of clothing.

This casual style seems to be the one I prefer, but in my case, comfort should always be combined with classic notes, so I chose light-colored blouses with a design that accentuated the shoulders. In the summer I try to choose light colored clothes.

My summer look with these shorts, Capri with a floral pattern in combination with a white blouse is suitable for an official meeting as well as a picnic with family or friends. Usually when I like a piece of clothing or accessories, and if it is in good condition, I can use it for a long time. Therefore, I often combine my clothes, as it is important for me to add something new to each look, in combination with different garments, it looks completely different.



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