Wet Rooms – Basic Ideas İn Creating Perfect Bathroom Design 2021

Damp rooms are becoming more attractive and are a great way to increase the value of your home. But how are you going to design a damp room? We have put together a practical guide with everything you need to know from which tile to choose, to specialized companies from a damp room, with whom you can contact by installation.

Can anyone have a damp room?
In theory, yes. Wet rooms are mostly shower cabins that disappear with the screen and shower tray and have an open and fully tiled shower area. If your bathroom is small, you will probably have to turn on the shower baffle to prevent splashing.

The installation of a damp room is a work for professionals, as along the floor there should be a gradient to direct the water from the shower to the sewer, and then the whole room should be refilled (waterproof).

Waterproofing of damp areas includes priming the floor, the bottom of the walls and the entire area of the wall around the shower, and then covering the membrane from the syrup. Once this is established, the room is then tiled.

How much will the damp room cost?
The cost of installing a damp room usually ranges from 5000 to 10000 GBP. If you pay for a tank company and install a damp room, including floor-to-ceiling tiles, lux and showers, expect to pay more. Retailers such as Victory Plum and Wickes can offer you a few ideas or sell you the little things you need for cleaning in the wet room.



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