Veranda Design: Tips And 30+ Best Photos Of Decorating İdeas 2021

It is definitely best to build a holiday home or a cockpit with a porch, or anticipate the possibility of “docking ” The front yard to the house. However, you can attach a porch to almost any building; Because it has a pretty simple design design.

First of all, it is necessary to develop a project plan. The entire project will be the key to a successful and long-term extension in the future.

The interior design of the veranda should coincide with the style of the house. It must be a harmonious sequel. Usually built on terraces are made of the same materials as the house itself. In wooden houses it is made of wood or logs, in brick brick. But it’s not necessarily a rule.

It is recommended to make the foundation of the veranda the same depth as the base of the house to avoid possible distortions. A skeleton usually consists of boards or trunks. The walls and roof terraces must fit to secure the house. The roof is often lean and flatter than the roof of the house.

Today the sliding walls have become more popular and it is really comfortable in every way. From the walls, you can easily turn the porch on the summer terrace. The classical veranda should be glowing place, and its sides are fixed with 2-3 large windows.

Most of the walls on the terrace have windows; Thus, the furniture is as large as cabinets, shelves, shelves placed on an empty wall. Usually you can place a table, chairs and sofas in the center or near the window. To save space, you can use a folding table mounted on the windowsill. From the porch is a very sunny room, worth hanging curtains, blinds or curtains of straw on the windows.



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