Smart Kids Room Designs- 30 New İdeas That Make The Most Of Home Spaces 2021

But this is not the only way to use the angles created by the alcove. It is also not the only type of bedroom you will find in the property. Areas under the staircase, uncomfortable corners in the attic and strange spaces, created by reconstructions and extensions, can also create Alkovs. But instead of ignoring them or hiding them, you can force these intricate structural gaps to work in your favor.

Keep reading and you will discover some interesting opportunities to become smarter with space. From the much-needed storage to the cooling of decorative elements and even functional family areas-we have all sorts of original ideas for bedrooms that you will like.

Space in the attic can be incredibly difficult to equip, especially when it comes to sloping roof. But this space shows that the task is far from impossible. This deep niche is an ideal place for a bed, and the narrowest corner inside it is filled with shelves.

Additional bedding can be placed in a large drawer under the mattress, and a simple wall lamp eliminates the need for bedside tables. As examples of maximizing space to go, this room is there with the best.

Make an extra convenient time to sleep by placing your bed in a niche. Colouring of a wall in a characteristic colour makes it similar to a continuation of a headboard. Instantly a simple couch becomes much bigger.

The space in the attic is always a little uncomfortable, but you can transform these strange angles and niches created by the box in the chimney to your advantage. Here they form a natural partition between a cozy bed for guests, located under the eaves, and a practical sink for the bedroom and dressing room. Coloring bedrooms in different colors further enhances the feeling of the zone.

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