Nails Art Design- Wedding Dresses Will Suit You 42 FREE Nail ART Applications New 2021

With the wedding season, a selection of wedding dresses and other important details, as the makeup of the wedding began to appear on the agenda. On a night that is so special to you, of course, every little thing must be unforgettable. One of them is your fingernails! While this may seem like a small detail, the appeal of your nails has the right to add a completely new style to your wedding dress. You can also create this power with nail applications for brides. We have collected nail designs that will suit your wedding dress. Here are the masterpieces you can create with nail polish and nail polish!

Let the flowers accompany your nails! With beautiful floral designs, the decorations you create in your nails will add a romantic atmosphere to your style. In this sense, the products of decoration of nails and nails with floral prints will reach their salvation. It is good to choose nail stickers with false nails in colors and motifs that are compatible with your flower.

Stone Ornaments
Another great idea of nails for weddings at a wedding are the night decorations that can be made with nail stones. What you should be careful to decorate your nails with stones is that your nail polish in the simplest shades possible. Since the most ideal background for jewelry made with nail stones is French, you can decorate it with stones after adopting a French application on your fingernails.

Color Strokes
How about adding a little color to your white wedding dress? For a different wedding style, apply nail polish in pastel colors. Or make a glamorous style, painting different fingernails with varnish in various shades. When you rub colored nail polish with glitters or small stones, your fingernails will be very careful when you decorate your fingernails.

Lace effect
Most lace-effect nails fit a romantic lace wedding dress! And you can do it in a very practical way. You can easily find tribal and lace-based nail stickers for this application. It will look great when you combine these lace effects with your estrogen in clear or very light pastel shades.

Metallic Look
If you want to add a natural sparkle to your white wedding dresses, your nails will be the perfect choice. You can create this look beautifully with silver and gold nail polish with metallic reflections, pearls or stones, which can stick to your fingernails with pearlescent nail polish.



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