Nails Art Design- 43 Different Nail Design Models For Manicure Every Day New 2021

Nice and neat nails are one of the main attributes of a beautiful woman. However, do not limit yourself to solid coatings, as the modern beauty industry does not stop and prepares us a lot of interest. Nail Design 2019 pleased with the tumult of paintings and textures of abundance. In addition, the 2019 manicure will include a variety of nail drawings, as well as the use of decorative elements.

Do you prefer minimalism? Then, the manicure 2019, which represents the dots and lines is right for you. This image on the nails is not overloaded with details, but it looks pretty fresh and original. The main thing: To find an interesting story and a harmonious background. Thanks to the combination of these two factors, the elegant and beautiful manicure 2019 you provided.

If you want a beautiful 2019 really modern manicure, pay attention to the technique of sweet flowering. This nail design of 2017 has migrated smoothly and in the coming year, so today it is possible to see more and more girls with beautiful volumetric drawings. The main feature of Sweet Bloom is the creation of a 3d effect. The figures on the nails in this case are usually made with gel varnish. This gives the manicure not only additional expressiveness, but also provides maximum durability.

Vtyrka is a popular nail design of 2017, which has not lost its relevance today. It provides for the use of special pigmented powders. It is placed directly on the nails, covered by one or more layers of a varnish. In the nail design photo with the help of a vtirrki, you can see a shiny mono coating, mirror manicure and many other options. Similar nails are seen at the same time, simple and elegant, so the design of the 2019 nails choose women who want at any time of their life an impeccable appearance.



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