Nails Art Design 35+ New Free Idea Current Trends According To Seasons İn Manicure 2019

Fashion Trends of nail art are not inferior to the fashion industry. The shape and color of nails change everywhere with the needs of customers and popular trends. The time of year has a strong influence on manicure style. So, together with the onset of the new season, the shades of the Lacs are changing, unusual patterns, unique designs appear. The imagination of Masters finds embodiment in manicure and helps to underline style and features of individuality of clients. In the 2019 year, Nail art continues to inspire and amaze abundance ideas for each season. Any woman will find the same design, which will suit her taste and complement the image.

Trends for Spring Manicure
It’s time for inspiration and creativity, Spring is the perfect time to create beautiful. Spring Nail Design pleases abundance techniques and color solutions. Manicure for spring 2019 year can be lemon, lilac, turquoise, pink or blue-these colors are the most fashionable in the season.

Winter Nail Art
Winter 2019 will delight all connoisseurs of nail art with unusual solutions and stunning designs. A special niche in the winter fashion takes manicure for the New Year 2019. Year of a wild boar is a year of a yellow earthen pig, therefore in New Year design of nails all shades of yellow are welcomed.

Autumn Shades 2019
Autumn Manicure 2019 abounds with rich colors and original designs. The most trend will be ethnic drawing. It is best to perform it on short nails or medium length. The soft square is the most suitable form.

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