Nails Art 2019- Free How to make yourself a manicure at home?

Many female representatives pay much attention to the appearance of their nails. Well-groomed, neatly painted nails-it’s beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Services in salons and masters at home are inexpensive, so more girls and women are eager to learn to do the manicure itself. The process not only saves savings, but also brings pleasure. To make your skills close to the skills of professionals, you need to train more and follow some rules.

How to make a classic manicure itself?
There are two types of manicure: Classic and European. The classic is a trimming manicure, which involves trimming the cuticle. European or “uncut” became popular relatively recently. This style came from the countries of Europe and North America. It is safer to perform, as it does not require trimming the cuticle.

Necessary tools
To achieve beauty of nails on hands at home, it is necessary to use special tools:
Nail polish Removal
If you have on nails old varnish, then, accordingly, it is necessary to get rid of the new color did not mix with the previous and looked beautiful.

Trimming and sawing nails
The next step is to shape your nails. There is an opinion that it is impossible to cut nails,-only to Podpilat. However, this action is irrelevant, because it does not bring a natural plate of harm.



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