Nail Art: 42 Free The Best 5 Ways To Design Your Nails New 2021

ForGo “Boy bag brick ” This season must have a fashion accessory at the end of your fingers

If I told you that the biggest trend of nails for SS13 is the naked (ie, by the way), I assume all responsibility for the collective yawning and subsequent clicks on the last photo of hair/hit K-Gardemarin that this can generate. So here’s a little less news of delight; Despite being naked to be hot for SS13 and red being practically scorching for AW13, the nail art is still very alive and kicking for coupon-Ted celebrities and the fashionista who knows it. Here are five trends you must nail (girl’s claws!):

1) Elegant Basket
Spied on in the four fashion capitals of the SS13 shows, think of classic styles with a touch of Hoochie. From ‘ Modern French ‘ to Jenny Kane, Clements and Vivienne, to Gareth Pugh’s appalling Ombre (image of a ghetto girl who was dragged to school) Our favorites are the salt-and Pepe-inspired films created by David Barton in Mark FAST. Work hard

2) Again torn
We had calf balls and disco balls, feathers and skins and leather and lace, but the good ‘ PR Bakofoil sees Renaissance, wrapping the nails this season in art and craftsmanship that you don’t need to recreate Peter’s blue icon.

3) Max Matte
The flat and matte color has existed for several seasons and, like The voice of Morgan Freeman, provides an instantaneous cooling factor that works just as well on the lips (although not so much in the cars, for some reason). Seen in the fingertips of the most knowledgeable celebrities of the style, this is a trend that has not seen signs of weakening and, even better, is very easy to recreate.

4) Trompe hook
On the shelves, the AW13 ticket offers Ted Art. The art attacks are waiting to happen. From Sayda-ESC hostels to optical art, it’s all about cheating on textures and perspectives. Even Nude was given a work of art to transport her by courtesy of the Ted Katie Hughes coupon at Louise Gray, who mixed a medley of yellow and pink strokes to create a polished base that wiped with a sponge, dipped in alcohol and rolled into a newspaper To leave the heat. Imprint

5) Bling Ring
The poles and gold chains at the end of their numbers are not for everyone, so immerse yourself in the trend of the nails by choosing “BlackBerry Bling ” (Favorite in the first row, where the thumb is decorated or painted in a different color so that it stands out when writing in your t Telephone) rings shiny fingers seen decorating red carpets lately.



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