Lipstick Beauty: 35 Free For Spring And Summer Liquid Lipps Try Now New 2021

Liquid lipsticks are hot beauty trends that are strong since last year. The intense colors of the lips can come in a glossy or matte finish, and usually a layer or two is needed to make the color look right. Although they deviate from the conventional cream based on formulas, they are valued for having long-term use and more Test/transfer kiss than traditional lipstick. Fortunately, there are plenty of liquid lipsticks that will fall in love with the first napkin and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Liquid Lip Color Wet n ‘ Wild Megalast.

The lowest prices on our list provide intense colors and promise to last up to eight hours. Typical of most liquid nail polishes, this formula is durable and is transfer test, food test and kissing test. The vitamin E moisturizer is included, but it is better to apply a lip balm to avoid too dry lips.

Maybelline Glossy matte/matte velvet

If you have ever found liquid lipsticks of this brand with any name, this is the same product, as the matte velvet was changed from name to glossy matte earlier this year. Moisturizing lip products are not important for Maybelline, and this cream for a matte formula is no different. Read the initial review of Liz de Betimnl and see samples of the nine lips.

Sugar rose sugar from the lip and shadow cheek.

Technically, the label says Shadow, but it is so pigmented that we include it for our liquid lipstick category. Apart from the many prizes of enthusiastic colors, the remaining power and matte finish make them instant favorites of the local beauty brand. The formula includes coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamins A, C and E, which help combat the dryness often experienced by mate. They also recently released five new shades that include Kylie, inspired by the naked nuances we currently love. More about those soon!

Knicks ‘ liquid chamois lipstick is matte, water resistant and has 12 incredible shades. This latest version of the Knicks lipstick can almost anything you can ask for. You can increase the color for a more intense pigmentation and it will keep smooth and creamy. It takes a little time to dry, but remains fixed when fixed.



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