Lips Makeup- 30 Free How To Drive Matte Lipstick On Dry Lips? 2021

Matte lipsticks look amazing, but after some time it can make lips look dry and stick to flakes… Losing its beauty. Remember that dry lips can happen from dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water regularly. For Matt Lips that look as good as Rihanna’s lips follow these hints below and you will not face the dry lip problem again.

1. exfoliate the LáBIOS with Vaseline
Use an old toothbrush and moisten your lips, then apply some Vaseline to the brush and rub any dead skin until the lips are soft.

2. moisturize
Use a moisturizing lip balm on your lips before you sleep every night. Also before you begin your makeup application, apply a lip balm. By the time you reach your lips, they will be soft and supple ready for the dull pencil.

3. NO more-Apply
The lipsticks kill are pigmented. You don’t need to apply much, because the jackets will just sit on top of each other and you will have an uneven look on the layers.



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