19 Most Beautiful Free Crochet Hat Patterns- 2021

Snowflake Crochet Beanie

This free crochet hat pattern is a simple crochet hat with a crossed snowflake pattern on the hat. It clears up the clutter in the paint shop and gives you a beautiful finish!
Making a Cross Stitch Snowflake Beanie is so much fun! This hat has a cross stitch pattern that counts the formation of a snowflake. Start by making your crochet hat and add this lovely design for a stylish hat.

Skill Level:

Hat – Easy, with counted cross stitch experience
Cross Stitch – Intermediate


Yarn: Red Heart With Love: Color – Hollyberry
Yarn: Red Heart With Love Metallic: Color – White (20 yards)
Hook: 5.00 mm [US H / 8]
Stitch Markers (4)
Yarn Needle

Click For Free Pattern

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