Kitchen Trends 2019 – 30 Best Amazing Kitchen Design Trends And Ideas

If your kitchen has not survived Christmas, join the thousands of us with makeup in our minds. You might like an island, or a large pot, or a new color scheme. Or maybe you just know what you don’t want, and that’s after some inspiration? If so, you have come to the right place.

We appealed to our friends from large retailers to share their thoughts on the trends of Kitchen development in the 2019 year. In addition, we have launched some very hot trends.

1. Green Cabinets and Accessories
Last year it was a navy, but we hope to see more greenery in the kitchens that go ahead. This may be in the form of accents as these wallpapers-palm leaves and botanical plants before the 2019 year were the same as floral until the mid 1970s.

2. Bright Accents
Perhaps they should be functional in design, but that doesn’t mean that our kitchens can’t be fun. In the 2019 year, some have a more easy approach, introducing basic nuances and extravagant conclusions. Upstairs, splashes of non-paired tiles and chairs in different color combinations adds interest, while the blue walls reinforce the appearance.

3. Dining Islands
We all know that the islands and breakfast bars can provide a place for daily meals, as well as a place to work and store. However, Paul Jenkinson of Lochanna Cooks sees that this trend goes to a whole new level with the dining islands.

4. Retro Revival 1970
This species you will see on the tiles, like everything else, and reflects a wider return to the trends of the 70s in the house. “As for the color, we will see a strong emphasis on saturated and natural colors,” says Stacy Sheppard, a blogger on the interior. “We are talking about yellow mustard, ochre, olive-green, chocolate and camels as the color of Dulux 2019; Spicy honey.



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