Free Crochet Basket Patterns For Home Storage New 2021

Learn how to knit your own big knit basket! This free template is easy to follow and works fast so you can make separate baskets for each room in your home! I first shared this model with you. This post contains affiliate links that help support this site. thank you

I remember when I was a kid I thought it was strange that my mom had so many baskets. How are all these baskets? Why do we need these? Why are the baskets on the walls? On the floor? Everywhere? Although I was a little confused like a kid, now I definitely understand the appeal of a good basket. Actually, I can definitely say that I am something like a women’s basket.

There is a lot of stuff, and baskets are the perfect solution to hide this mess. I also love the texture baskets bring to space! Beautiful natural fibers and shabby details. Sure, most of my knitted baskets are around my house but most of them are small. Today I’m sharing my latest model basket, and this time it’s a nice big crochet basket. The finished basket is about 14 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height, making it ideal for storing extra blankets or stuffed animals in the nursery.

I used a large macrame cord to make a basket of many funny colors so you can change the basket to fit any room in your home. I made my basket in three colors, but you can completely make it in one color. Ready to crochet?


Easter Catch


Measurements: Circumference: approx. 13 cm / 5”


For 1 basket in each color combination:
DROPS SAFRAN from Garnstudio
50 g color no 18, off white
50 g color no 11, strong yellow
50 g color no 12, peach
50 g color no 15, dark heather

1 basket weighs approx. 7 g.

DROPS CROCHET Hook size 3 mm / C – or size needed to get 24 sc = width 10 cm / 4”.

You will find many patterns for a basket hand made in sizes and shapes to fit any need you have. I like the idea of all of my storage being as homemade as possible, and crochet baskets fits beautifully into the hand made bookshelves my husband built for me. If you like homemade too, then you’ll adore everything on this list.

Click Free Pattern



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