Do You Have An Unused Room İn Your Home That You Want To Turn İnto An Extra Bathroom? New 2021

Sometimes it can be difficult to come with one bath in your home, especially if more than two people live under one roof. The idea of a long soak in the bathroom, not having a partner or disturbing children, sounds perfectly blissful, okay?

Then maybe it’s time to think about how and where you could fit into an extra bathroom to help relieve tension from your busy home.

The good news is that you can easily install additional facilities such as a shower, sink or toilet, into unused spaces such as a basement, garage or attic, even if they are not near the main drainage system, which means That the possibilities are endless.

And while installing a new bathroom requires a large variety of accessories and technical skills, often in a very compact space, the Saniflo systems are affordable and quick to install the solution. Sanitop up, which picks up the remnants of water from the sink and toilet, is a good option if you turn under the stairs into an extra closet.

And if you work with a particularly small space, the answer may be sanislim (thinner version) or sanicompact (a toilet with a built-in macerator). It also does not require much work or agitation at home and can be ready to use in just a few hours.

If your heart is focused on a hidden device for elegant finishes, and you want to hide the macerator behind the siding, then Saniwall PRO up is the perfect solution.

If you are lucky, a bath or an extra toilet can even increase the value of your home and increase the purchasing power of your home. Convenient if you think you want to sell your property further along the line!



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