Elegant Crochet Accessories For Your Home New 2021



What you will need:

RED HEART® Crochet Nylon™,
100% Nylon Size 18: 1 ball
40 Grey
Susan Bates® Crochet Hook:
4mm [US G-6]
Stitch marker, yarn needle,
½” (13mm) thick dowel
approximately 20” (51 cm)
long or desired length
GAUGE: 13 sts = 4” (10 cm);
16 rows = 4” (10 cm). CHECK
YOUR GAUGE. Use any size
hook to obtain the gauge

These modern crochet baskets offer a decorative option for storing of a variety of items around the home. Stitch in Red Heart Crochet Nylon shades you adore, or take the guesswork out and craft them as designed. With 2 available sizes, you’ll find them attractive and functional near your desk, crafting area, in the solarium and more!

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