Women’s Hijab Fashion- Trend Colors And 10 Ways You Can Wear New 2021

Dressing in a color from head to toe may seem a little boring and boring for some, but think twice. It is very easy to use and to design, and it is very fun to mix different shades of a single color. Because who doesn’t like red burgundy and dark red together?
In addition to the fact that I am very happy this fall by seeing some colors specifically pink and mustard, a color must have a suit/costume this season! With this strategy, putting together a outfit has never been easier, because you don’t have to worry about the two parts of the coordinates. Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to styling this trendy mainstream and of course you know how much we love it! One last thing for this trend is that it works for most body shapes, like a single color without models! Here are some tips and tricks on how to shoot this look like PRO!

  1. You can mix and match different textures.
  2. You can easily tone it with shiny heels or your favorite white slippers.
  3. Never be afraid to mix different shades of the same color, even green peas
  4. Your denim jeans can play an important role in the blue dress!
  5. position shoes will be highlighted on a monochrome set, and this is something we can’t hide our emotion from.
  6. The monochrome trend is excellent for the hijab, as they can play with the scarf head. You can combine it with    a outfit and pale with the accessories or choose a different shade of the color they use!
  7. like this season, skin skin pattern is really inside, combining your snake boots with a white outfit is hot!
  8. You can combine your one color suit with a graphic T-shirt and slippers for a more relaxed look.
  9.  monochrome look with skirts, a pair of jeans or even your pants Pallazo!
  10. Of course, the best monochrome outfit of all is nothing less than black on black!



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