U-shaped Kitchen İdeas; The Most Efficient Design Examples Of Your Dream Kitchen 2021

The U-shaped kitchen is perhaps the most practical of the kitchen designs and can provide additional mileage of potential storage space or device compared to kitchen or L-shaped.

U-shaped kitchens can work in large spaces, but even small kitchens can benefit from the U-shaped design. Just make sure you have at least two meters of movement around the space between the opposite banks of the units.

The design concept “golden triangle ” is a natural U-shape adjustment: When designing your space, keep your refrigerator, kitchen and/or countertop and sink between 120cm and 270cm very separate. This will make the practical, efficient and safe use of your space, something that is more difficult to achieve in a longer kitchen, L-shaped or galley, for example.

Be guided by the size of your room and the level of illumination when you decide on the appearance, style and color of your kitchen. In a smaller space with a central window you can pay to basically adhere to a white scheme. Modern bright blocks will help maintain the level of illumination in the form of tile and enameled stainless steel surfaces. Large kitchens may be more able to handle the deep color, dark wood finishes and even the blows of a paint.



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