Knitted Beanie- 30 Crochet Hat Patterns For Everyone New Models 2019

Hello Dear! Recently knit a lot of hats and scars. You can see this time… For now, the tires are kept, I crochet and I found a good, soft, inflatable fabric just in time for a hat. Here I am thinking of Puff Sting, silently naming the Puchatymi group. I fell in love with him without the rest, because he gets beautiful and beautifully the hat. You can see the image itself really great, and the same fabric is not difficult to weave…

I worked with Angorą with a light Italian and a beautiful purple color. You’ll find it here. For this crochet-thicker because I made two threads at the same time, so I used two glomeruli at the same time. The yarn after taking the hat was still silent in a small scarf or a scarf under the neck to the whole.

The lid came out of the meat and the greenhouse, that’s what it should be. She is posing in her zosien, my favorite showcase of Fasker, as the only one who accepted to be a model… Overall, I didn’t have much to talk about. Hello, at least not me.

If you want to make a similar hat or want to learn how to weave puff points, I invite you to watch the movie.

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