Free Crochet Basket Pattern: Large Handles Storage Basket Models 35 New Idea 2019

Learn how to knit your own big knitted basket! This free template is easy to follow and works fast, so you can make individual baskets for every room in your home! I originally shared this model with Crafts Unleashed. This post contains affiliate links that help support this site. Thank you

I remember as a child I thought it was strange that my mother had so many baskets. How are all these baskets for? Why do we need these things? Why are their baskets on the walls? On the ground? Everywhere? Although he confused me a little like a child, now I certainly understand the attractiveness of a good basket. In fact, I would certainly say that I became something like a lady-basket

There are so many things, and baskets are the perfect solution to hide this mess. In addition, I like the texture that the baskets bring into the space! Beautiful natural fibers and shabby details. Of course, I have my most of the knitted baskets around my house, but most of them are small. Today I share my latest model basket, and this time it’s a nice big crochet basket. The finished basket has a diameter of about 14 inches and a height of 14 inches, which means it is ideal for storing extra blankets or stuffed animals in the children’s room.

I used a large macrame cord to make a basket that has been in many funny colors so you can change the basket so that it fits for any room in your home. I made my basket in three colors, but you can completely do it in a solid color. Ready to crochet?

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