Crochet Work Beach Bag- All That Should Be Necessary In The Bag This List Is A Must-see New 2019


Hey, ladies, this is Betty again with a haunted Boulevard! If you are going to take a day trip to the beach this summer or if you live a dream spending the summer working on the beach, a properly filled beach bag is the key to maximizing your time in the sand and the sun. Below are my 12 functional and affordable beach bags…

1. Bag
Every trip to the beach needs a generous sized bag, so it’s important to find a nicer one. This Super-durable Hayden flight beach bag is made of canvas, as well as being light and waterproof, making it the perfect companion for the beach.

2. Beach Hat.
Keeping a hat in a bag is the fundamental rule when it comes to the issue of sun protection. It Can protect the scalp and reduce the rays that hit the face and neck.

3. Sunglasses.
When it comes to almost any outdoor trip, sunglasses are an obvious requirement. I would like to pack a cheap couple (slightly less than $20), so that my most expensive daily Sunnis will not be scratched or lost in the ocean.

4. Waterproof phone bag.
Between the water, the sand and the sun, the beach is full of things that can damage your phone. This Waterproof bag is a lifesaver. Keep your phone protected as crazy, has a headphone jack or speaker so your cables don’t hang on top and are touch sensitive so you don’t have to remove the phone to control it.

5. Beach Peak.
My Favorite Beach Accessory Right now is this incredibly adorable beach peak (with a monogram!). This simple but absolutely brilliant invention will keep your beach drinks free of sand.

6. Sunscreen.
We All teach the importance of sun protection from an early age, so protection against strong rays is imperative. According to 80% of skin cancers found in the nose, be sure to apply this sensitive tanning point when whipping. Use a sun-protection swab to apply stains.

7. Vacations in air conditioning.
Grew Up, my mom will always be spinning on a vacation in an air conditioner before leaving the beach to rehydrate her hair. This Simple Beauty Supplement will keep your hair moist and soft, not dry and sun-damaged.

8. Moisturizing Cream after sunburn.
It is Not a secret that salt water and sun can dry your skin, so it is important to use a moisturizer after tanning to revitalize your skin. It will Also help prolong the life of your tan, which (let’s be honest) is really the most important thing!

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