Crochet Summer Bikini- 23 Charming Crochet Swimsuit Patterns, Get Ready With Summer’s Finest Swimwear New 2019

Summer is finally here! What does that mean…

Crochet Bikini!

What I like most about the construction of bikinis (and crops) is how versatile they can be! You can easily add your own touches to this simple bikini. Detail of lace, motley yarn, beads, etc. Feel free to add more rows to the front part for a less noticeable bottom or not to create a classic top view at all.

Today we will work on this simple bikini-top! I recommend using a cotton thread every time you work on any project that can get wet (such as kitchen towels), which makes cotton very durable and breathable fibre.
For This project I decided to work with Hobby Lobby. I like this theme in Blue Jean. I love this cotton-amazingly soft yarn, perfect for bikini!

This Top crochet bikini is perfect for all your summer events! This is a very simple top crochet bikini, made with just a few basic stitches, however, it’s absolutely beautiful when it’s finished! Definitely Friendly for Beginners! Summer is full of amazing aquatic activities and this top is perfect for everything! Pick it Up under your favorite backgrounds or put it as a top with some long-awaited shorts and cute Comono! Let’s jump to her love!

Knitted bikini-Summer tradition! From Slinky to fun and fairy tales, if you love crochet and rock bikini, then making a version for crochet is sure to be on your list. Most of them are not really for use in water, but they all look fabulous! Here are 23 free bikini crochet samples to inspire you!

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