Free Crochet Bikini Patterns For Weekend Vacation New 2021

Summer is finally here!

My favorite thing about making bikinis is how versatile it can be! You can easily add your own touches to this plain bikini. Lace, colorful thread, beads, etc. Detail. Feel free to add more rows to the front for a less noticeable bottom, or feel free to design a classic top look at all.

We will be working on this simple bikini top today! I recommend using a cotton yarn every time you work on any project that might get wet, which makes cotton a very durable and breathable fiber.

This Top crochet bikini is perfect for all your summer events! This is a very simple top crochet bikini made with just a few basic stitches, but when it’s done it’s absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely Friendly For Beginners! Summer is full of great water activities and this top is perfect for anything!

Crochet bikini pattern – summer tradition! Most of them are not really for use in water, but they all look great!

Crochet White Bikini


Let’s get start!

I used cotton DK weight yarn or Lion brand coboo cotton blend
3.50mm crochet hook
Sewing yarn needle
Gauge: 4 single crochet stitches x 4 rows = 1 square inch

This easy and beginner friendly weekend getaway crochet bikini top is works up pretty quick and simple to do just need to know some basic crochet stitch, like single crochet nad double crochet stitch.

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