Crochet Llama Free Pattern 2021

I knew I wanted to make a free crochet llama pattern because I saw them EVERYWHERE. I also love the bright colors, tassels and pompoms that come with it! Plus, it’s fun to make and blur a little blurry llama! This crochet llama pattern is very easy for beginners, even with the diffuse yarn!

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The friendly llama is about 11 inches at the top of the ears. Diffuse yarn is surprisingly easy to work with, much more than I feared! Don’t worry, you have no problem with this llama! I made it much easier to follow this pattern, and most of the decreasing and increasing is done with reduced weight. And you will definitely want to use Bernat Pipsqueak yarn because it is sooooo soft. It’s the same thread that I created The Friendly Lamb!

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