32+ Free Henna Tattoo Design- You Can Do Best Henna Drawings At Home New 2021

The art of drawing henna (or Mehendi) is already many hundreds of years, but until recently remained popular only in the east, and especially in India, where women paint the patterns of their body before each holiday. In the West, Biobiotics are popular mainly among people who would like to make a normal tattoo, but are hesitant, so many begin to look for how to make a tattoo henna at home and see how it will look on the body.

You will need: powdered henna, water, lemon juice, eucalyptus Oil, drawing tool (syringe without needle or special horn), stencils and blanks of future drawings.

The process of applying henna tattoos at home:

1. First, pick the picture that you are going to depict. In general, Henna can draw anything, anything-any pattern or contour, but there are quite traditional patterns that are performed in this way. They look very impressive, beautiful and exotic. If you are not sure of your artistic abilities, then prepare stencils.

2. Prepare the paint. Pour the powder from the package into a bowl, add warm water and lemon juice, stir thoroughly to the consistency of the kashsy. Sometimes black coffee, very strong tea or red wine is added to the tattoo compound. It is believed that they can make the paint more resistant and dark.

3. The area of the skin, which will be applied to the drawing, wipe with eucalyptus oil-so the paint will be more smooth, stay longer, and the color is brighter and warmer.

4. If you are not sure that you can draw a neat pattern by hand, then put the finished contour on the skin or attach a stencil. Mix for a tattoo type in a syringe without a needle, in a special horn.

5. Squeeze out the mixture, gently apply the pattern to the skin. Start drawing always from the most distant area of the skin, so as not to smear henna while working. If you have a sloppy line, you can erase it with cotton wool dipped in vegetable oil, but the trail will still remain. Try not to press on a syringe or a horn too strongly that the mix did not be rassteklom a careless stain.

6. Allow the paint to dry completely. Usually it takes about forty minutes to an hour. Then shake the dry mixture with a cloth or scraper. To fix the result, you can wipe the drawing with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and sugar. If you have made a drawing for a certain event, you can fix it with hairspray. Only be sure to rinse it off the skin in a few hours and grease the place with a pattern of cream.



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