Crocheted Beanie- Great How To Make Hats And Beanie Crochet?

For a long time I found that with the help of this long hook and thread spine you can not do the things that are shown in the newspaper about the crochet. Because it needs a piece of metal rod with a bent end, for this wool and suddenly a hat or sweater is formed. Well, there’s no such choice! But then I took a few hours to learn how to crochet, and it turned out that I also know how to make baskets, rugs or poufs. And yet, you can make this crochet by rotating it so that good things come out of this line that are sold on the Internet for 1 million of coins.

Knit in the spring in such a way that I definitely did more things than I needed. And if someone started sending strings to the rugs, it would probably drive the aliens to ask the rugs at the end how much I have to pay for this pleasure:) Fortunately, then I went a little. Well, as the weather faded after the summer, I remembered the crochet and I also wanted to do things with Lana. Then I came to such a great tutorial on the Internet, and grabbed the kids from the chimneys, and then somehow I went with their hats. Now I’m back on stage: “Don’t go, because there’s something you need to do today! ”

The best part of all this is that my crochet skills are at the beginner level. And this means that anyone who knows crochet and what to do with this thread can do as chimneys and caps. It also provides the opportunity to learn cinematographic instructions and patience for Prutzia. I am currently on stage: I made 3 chimneys and 5 hats, so now I know how to do it better:)

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