Amigurumi Free Pattern: Cute Crochet Miniature Amigurumi How To 35 New Idea, 2019


Micro Crochet is a growing trend in the community crochet. These Tiny Crochet Crafts have a size near the tip of the finger and are usually associated with sewing thread and crochet needles 0.4 and 0.6 mm. Efforts to create such a minimini are significant, which affects their selling price: micro-crochet can cost up to 90 dollars on the market (given the current prices taken with It Hurts if you lose it. As a person who believes that you should try [almost] all at least once in your life, I decided to risk this trend and try my own micro-hook Amigurumi (Snowy Owl). Here is my experience, tips and results. In Advance I can say that it was completely manageable, even if you consider yourself an intermediate hook.

In micro-crochet you usually work with sewing thread. There are different types of sewing thread, including cotton and synthetic (most often polyester). I read that you can use embroidery yarn, but I will not recommend it because of its high gloss and subtlety (does not have the strength of the sewing thread). I found it easier to work with cotton sewing thread. It is a bit thicker, though less durable than synthetic yarn (which tends to burst), and has no gloss typical of synthetic sewing threads. Cotton sewing threads are usually used for sewing machines and drums for forgot.

Like wire Weights, the lines are of different sizes. General rule: The smaller the number on the label, the thicker the thread. For example, the thread size is 40 thicker than the size of 100. However, be careful to specify the size of the thread size depending on the type of thread. This means that the 40th size cotton yarn is different from the Core-Spun yarn with 40 cores!

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